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Auto Transfer System
ATS cabinet is equipped with unique electronic control system and world famous brand switch, don't need to be driven by motor and gear. this is newly design technology which help the cabinet to meet the highest standard of double-power switch.

Construction and function
  2.1  Control panel desciption
       2.1.1  Three lights indicator shows power status.
       2.1.2. ATS cabinet control Panel Option with Manual and Auto funcation.  When switch set at Auto, ATS cabinet will take main power as priority. ATS cabinet will switch to charge main electricity when two power supply at the same time. If main power is off, ATS cabinet will switch to sandby power and a signal will be sent to the generator set at the same time. When switch set at manual, press two button to switch the power, and Anto function will not work anymore.
   2.2  Compsition and control system
  The main body composition of the control system uses world famous brand relay sets to inspect the main power and phase supply, to transfer the auto start signal, also to carry out power switch between the main power and standby power.
    2.3  The main components and function
      The main components adapt world famous switch brand with reliable quality, switching double-headed structure, mechanical and electrical chain, switching connection position display, electromagnetic control mode.  At each grade load, switching can be fast and reliable .

3.1   Properly connected to the main circuit (one line), Power on, observe the instructions of power state.
   3.2  Manual operation: press the manual button, when both main power and standby power indicator lights, the main power and standby power exist at the same time. Press main power or standby power button, system will charge the electricity accordingly.
   3.3  Automatic: Press the Auto Button, system get into auto state. When the main power or phase off, system will send a start signal to generator set, then it will delay (adjustable time relay) to switch to charge the generator set. The system will delay(adjustable time relay) to charge the main electricity when main power is recover again meanwhile system will send a stop signal to generator set.

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