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Marine Dual Fuel Propulsion Engine
We supply Marine Dual Fuel Propulsion Engines, Engines Output Rating from 1,422 kW up to 18,000 kW, Dual Fuel Engine allows conventional diesel engines to operate on a mixture of natural gas and diesel or HFO. Typical applications for this technology include marine propulsion, the Power Plants etc. The Dual Fuel engines efficiently run on liquid fuels or natural gas with emissions far below the IMO limit.

Marine Dual Fuel Propulsion Engines are a major force in cargo and passenger ship propulsion and hence play a valuable role in facilitating world trade. Four-stroke engines of this type offer a power to weight ratio that makes them ideal for LNG ship, cruise vessels, ferries and large multi-purpose freighters.
  MAN Marine Dual Fuel Engines
产品规格: 3,180~18,000KW
  HHI Marine Dual Fuel Engines
产品规格: 1,422~9,600KW
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