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Marine Powers
           Marine Propulsion Engines
           Marine Dual Fuel Engines
           Marine Generator Sets
           Marine Auxiliary Engines
【Marine Powers】

We can offer marine products, including: Marine Propulsion Engines, Marine Auxiliary Engines, Marine Generator Sets as well as Monitoring and Control Systems.

Marine propulsion engines' typical applications could include but are not limited to vessels such as harbor tugs, patrol boats, government boats, supply boats, dredgers, barges, shipping vessels, pleasure boats, passenger boats and fishing boats.

Marine generator sets can be used as onboard main power supply, emergency power supply and electric drive power supply.

Marine auxiliary engines are mainly used as generator set engines; however, they can be used for electrically driven pumps, winches, conveyors, thrusters, etc. Engines can be radiator cooled or heat exchanger/keel cooled.

Man Marine Power Systems
The MAN Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, engines and mechanical engineering equipment with annual sales of approximately 16 billion and circa 76000 employees worldwide. MAN Diesel Group is the birthplace of diesel and it is one of Europe's leading providers of engines.

Today the international Group has a leading market share of the world market for four-stroke engines for power, ship and railway. MAN Marine Propulsion Engines give more power. more efficiency, but less pollution. It ensures reliable, economical working. Moreover, on the contrast of other engine. MAN Diesel engines have less exhaustion and noise due to its advanced environmental technology.

We can provide the individual design according to customer requirements and determine the score supply. The requirements and determine the scope supply. The product can be delivered fast and reply is a short time.

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems
Caterpillar Marine Power Systems was established as part of a strategic realignment of Caterpillar's marine activities with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Caterpillar Marine Power Systems coordinates and strives to improve all marine sales and service activities.

Caterpillar strength and knowledge in diesel engines starts with a combined history of more than 148 years of experience in developing, engineering, building, supporting and servicing. Engines cover a wide range of needs, from single propulsion plants to a complete power package, from auxiliary power to generator sets. The employment of engines for main propulsion, onboard power supply and emergency generator sets varies greatly and extends from pleasure craft to commercial shipping to ocean-going vessels.

The Caterpillar product line offers main propulsion engines from 93 to 7,200 kW, auxiliary engines from 162 to 5,420 kW, and generator sets from 11 to 5,200 kW.

All of our diesel engines feature important qualities which our customers expect in today's marketplace. These qualities include high reliability, low operational costs, simple installation and maintenance, and compliance with IMO environmental regulations. When you choose Caterpillar, you gain an extensive worldwide sales and service network to help you achieve maximum engine life, maintain reliability and limit downtime. Our commitment is to meet your comprehensive marine needs. To do this, Caterpillar Marine Power Systems has established marketing and customer service infrastructures to cover Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia Pacific and The Americas. through the sales process and product commissioning, to parts supply and parts logistics, maintenance, repair and engine upgrade, we offer the full range of services.

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