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Automatic Paralleling System
Automatic synchronous paralleling system are used to combine the electricity for two or more than two sets of Gensets into one Busbar synchronously through automatic electric controller device. each genset control display has own special device, but the public device is deployed in the output cabinet. And the power is distributed through power balancer and the automatic manostat.

Paralleling System Cabinet Equipment and Structure
 1 . Synchronous Controller
     1.1  Speed Adjuster: This speed adjuster, which make the gensets speed and load within the allowable errors setting, is carried by diesel gensets; also it is controlled by the central controller when used in paralleling cabinet.
     1.2  Automatical Synchronizer : Synchronizer is used to compare the phase and frequency of unparalleling genset with that of  Busbar. When the phasic differences happen, synchronizer will send out electricity signal, which can accelerate or slow down the genset speed based on that phasic angle of genset keeps ahead or get behind the phasic angle of Busbar and is directly proportional to the phasic differences. when the phase and frequency are matched with the special appointed"locking time"within the limited setting, synchronizer will turn off a group of the contact point operated under the normal condition and close the load MCCB through relay control.
      1.3  Central Controller: Controller is integrated of electronic speed adjustor and power balancer, prior to the paralleling, controller receive the signal from antomatic synchronizer to change the genset operating speed and make the frequency and phase of genset equal to that of Busbar, after paralleling, first comparing the actual efficient load power of genset with the average voltage value of the total load; second comparing the genset frequency of electric signal pressure with the setting frequency, then overlay the two value differences to output control signal of speed adjustment, and also make efficient load power distribute the charge as per pre-setting load distribution parameter.
      1.4 Slow-speed Synchronous Display ( S) : Once voltage is approaching frequency approximately, the display indicator will come and go between"-" and"+"slowly, when the wave shape of Busbar is same as that of genset, SCREEN will demonstrate that the synchronism is happening simultaneously at the location of"same-phase".
  2 . Measurement instrument
      2.1  Power Meter : power meter examines the genset charge. 
      2.2  Alternating Ampere meter : Ampere meter  examines the phasic current.
      2.3  Alternating Voltmeter : Voltmeter examines the line voltage and phasic voltage that are chosen by"Voltage Choice Switches".
      2.4  Frequency Meter : Frequency meter examines the voltage frequency.
  3 . Synchronous Protector
      3.1  Reverse-power protector: Reverse power protection device examines the genset power load. If the reverse power can reach the presupposition level(the adjustment extent within 2%--20%) within the predetermined time(the adjustment extent within 2%--20%), the load switches break up. In order to prevent one genset dragging from another one, these preadjustment are limited within 5 seconds under or below the 20% reverse power
      3.2  Protecting Device of Emergency Stop : If there is something emergency with genset or paralleling system cabinet, press the button"Emergency Stop"on the paralleling cabinet to make the load switch to break up, then the gensets will be stopped.
 4 . Indication light of Controlling Cabinet
      4.1  Gesent Malfunction : when the indication light is on, there will be possible malfunctions with low oil pressure or high water temperature. 
      4.2  Reverse power malfunction: when the indication light is on, there will be possible malfunction with backwash among gensets when paralleling.
      4.3  Awaiting Indicator : when the light is on, the gensets are in the condition of awaiting.
      4.4  Operating Indicator : the light will be on when the gensets work normally
      4.5  Breaking-up Indicator : when the light is on, the load air switch is in the condition of beaking-up.
      4.6  Connecting Indicator : when the light is on, load air switch is in the condition of connecting.
      4.7  Generator Indicator : when the light is on, gensets have putout the voltage to paralleling system cabinet.

System Operation
  1 . Manual Operation
      1.1   Prior to starting up, firstly check if the phase order is correct, the public control switch (SA3 open and close switch) is choose to"open indicator' before phase order has not been confirmed. The step can be omitted after commissioning.
      1.2   Put the choice switch of operation SCREEN on the location of"open indicator".
      1.3   Start up the first set of gensets.
      1.4   when genset start up normally, then put the choice switch of operation SCREEN on the location of"close indicator", the switch will be connect at once.
      1.5  Start up the second set of gensets.
      1.6  After the gensets run normally, then check the voltage for both gensets, and check if the frequency coincides together, and adjust to the same if not. Then put the choice switch of operation SCREEN
on the location of"close indicator' for second generator , the switch will be coneected after antomatic synchronizer monitor synchronism.
      1.7   When it stops, firstly remove the load; secondly press the button"break-up", then stop operation.
      1.8  if the emergency appears, press the button"Emergency Stop", the gensets break-up timely and stop.
 2 . Automatic Operation  
      2.1 Put the choice switch of operation SCREEN on the location"colse indicator"and the control SCREEN  select to"AUTO"
      2.2   When main electricity stop, and the first genset can start up automatically in priority.
      2.3  The first genset start up normally and defer 5 seconds (adjustable, used to the gensets normal operation), and it is directly incorporated into the total Busbar to generate and supply electricity.
      2.4   After the first genset start up 2 seconds, then start up the second genset automatically and defer 5 seconds(adjustable, used to the gensets normal operation), and the speed is controlled by synchronizer. When the voltage, frequency and phase of the second genset is same as that of the total Busbar, the synchronizer send out the"colse indicator"signal. 
      2.5   if there is something wrong with one of genset under the condition of single genset running, the second one will be started up automatically.
      2.6 after the load MCCB on the paralleling control screen connect, the power balancer begin to work, the power of each separate genset balances automatically as per the presetting load distribution parameter.
      2.7 Firstly remove the load at the time of stop,and then press the button“close indicator", finally stop the gensets.
      2.8 if the emergency happens, press the button"emergency stop", gensets will break-up timely and stop.

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